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Hi. Anna here, a Los Angeles-based, food-enthused Korean-American. I grew up around LA after coming to SoCal at the ripe age of one. Before that, I was oodling around as a newborn in the bustling coastal city of Pusan in South Korea. Growing up on my mom’s fantastic Korean concoctions, I thank her for feeding me and for, well, everything. I learned the basics of cooking as a little girl, so I only have my mother to thank for my culinary leanings. Of course, all mothers who cook churn out amazing dishes for their children, so needless to say, my mom’s cooking was: Just. Plain. Good. Whenever I watched her cook, I always remembered to take note of the simplicity of her approach to cooking. The un-complexity of her processes and ingredients always spoke to me.

Keep it simple: that’s my philosophy when it comes to cooking, and really, to all things here on earth. Good cooking is not about fancy techniques. Fresh ingredients with a good proportion and a solid command of the three pillars of cooking (which are salt, sugar, acid, although you should add “bitter” and spice” to the list for Asian cooking) all point to another mighty and humble kitchen adage of mine: you’ll be fine. Just fine.


I hope your love of Korean food will either deepen or at least spark through this blog. I am not a trained chef by any means, so I apologize in advance if I offend any professionals out there. My wish is for you to successfully concoct a Korean dish out of the recipes and dare I say improve it. 

To novice and well-seasoned cooks alike, I invite you to something basic, flavorful, and of course, Korean. Please write me at bewellseasoned@gmail.com, or simply leave a comment with any of your requests, suggestions, or questions.Thanks so much for visiting.




All Well-Seasoned photographs are taken by me except for the hyperlinked images on my Media Page (under Library).

No Photoshop or any photo editing software of any kind is used. Although I love film photography (my first love), I first used a Canon RebelT3 DSLR with a standard EF-S 18-55mm zoom lens (thank you to my friend, Cait H.) along with my Iphone 12MP camera. I do occasionally use a Polaroid (I scan the images), but my current camera, the basic Nikon D3400 18-55 VR DSLR, is the primary source of my images. 


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Anna W. Yi © 2017. All rights reserved.

Anna W. Yi © 2017. All rights reserved.
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