the spicy go-chu-ga-ru paste // da-dae-gee

the spicy go-chu-ga-ru paste // da-dae-gee

  • to add for clear broths, stews. pairs well with oxtail soup or some type of beef-based stock, such as sul-lung-tang.
  • usually served with warm, hand-cut noodles

spicy paste

  • coarse red pepper powder - 1 1/2 Tbsp
  • soy sauce - a dash or two (to emulsify the red powder)
  • green onions - a sprinkling

I was reluctant to post the picture you see on the left. The sauce itself does not lend to a vibrant crimson, and it rather just retires no matter how much I manipulate the brightness of my house or the ISO of my camera. Apologies. Clearly, as in the wise words of one of my favorite food writers, Molly Wizenberg, this dip does not make love to the camera.


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